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Classic Anal Toy

The butt plug is firm yet flexible, working with the contours of your body for maximum gratification, while its flared base prevents unwanted travel during play.

Product Code: TJ1242

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Silicone Anal Toy

Erotic sex toy for women and men. This silicone anal plug and anus expand tool is your great choice for pleasure.

Product Code: TJ1245

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  • Key Features:

    • Silicone butt plug for anal exploration

    • Tapered tip and graduated body offer easy insertion

    • Sleek silicone finish for smooth insertion and hypoallergenic wear

    • Flexible and firm with a tapered tip enables easy insertion

    • Flared base ensures safety

    • Made entirely from silicone for hypoallergenic play

    • Material: Silicone

    • Color: Purple


    • Maximum Diameter: 30mm

    • Insertable Length: 80mm

    • Weight: 0.05kg